Defining Marriage

Marriage – A Christian History Intro. No, this will not be a defense of gay marriage, a history of polygamy, or justification of fringe marriages . Sorry

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Daring Greatly

Brock here, we figured it was time to give an update on what has been happening with us over the past year. In Sept of 2020 we…

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Merry Christmas: Our 2013 Video Christmas Card.

One year ago we stood behind two men with a little boy on their shoulders watching the firework show in Disneyland Paris. While watching them we were sure that having a family was what we wanted more than anything. We would have never guessed that just a few weeks later our prayers would be answered in a spectacular way.
Every year gets better and better for us, and this year has been far beyond anything we hoped for. There is only one word to describe it; blessed.
May your holiday season be equally BLESSED.
John, Brock, Olivia and Toby

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For years we told everyone that we were going to wait until it was legal in Arizona before we would get married. We never felt the need…

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Olivia’s First Day Home

What a blessing and a light she has been. We could not have been more blessed. And BLESSED is the word that continually comes to mind. Thanks…

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