Day 15 – Big Mac Paddy Whack

Today we have a special guest joining us… our neighbor and great friend Stacey! We picked her up at the Portland airport and we immediately went to do what we do best; brunch. From there we made our way to McMinnville, Oregon stopping at wineries and shops along the way. Our house in McMinville was … Continue reading

Day 14 – Pinot you Didn’t

Yesterday was another transition day as we moved from one adventure to another. We drove from Seattle to the Portland area. Olivia entertained Toby much of the way . We stopped at a few wineries to stretch our legs and take in the magnificent views. While we have met many people on our journey, the … Continue reading

Day 12 – Washington

This is a day late, yes, but we were already up so late last night I couldn’t bring myself to write a post too. We woke up to sunshine yesterday! After loading up the car, we immediately started on our journey to the Seattle area. The drive was interesting. Such diverse landscapes. I enjoyed the … Continue reading

Day 11 – Coeur D’Alene

It was a cold, rainy, busy day in a beautiful location. Today’s main objectives were to do laundry, fix a headlight on the Jeep, and I had to teach two live Zoom classes. We made quite a mess of our little hotel room as we reset ourselves. Luckily, we had time to get out and … Continue reading

Day 10 – Back to Idaho

Today was back to travel mode. The morning was spent cleaning the trailer, repacking the Jeep and getting ready to continue on with our travels. Olivia spent the morning with Carol, hugging her dogs. We were back on the road around 11:00. Olivia and Toby went right to sleep. We have been listening to “Talking … Continue reading

Day 9 – Time to Move On

Our last day in Montana was relaxing and wonderful. We spent most of the day doing the things that we love to do when we are camping and it is rainy ; hanging out, talking, and playing games. Olivia was able to do some fishing this morning, although she only lasted about 10 minutes before … Continue reading

Day 8 – They Call the Wind Moriah

Today started off with a nice visit to the local farmers market. On the way home we received alerts of an incoming wind storm. You could see it coming over the mountains. The wind was pretty intense, it knocked big branches off the trees and we had to batten down the hatches. It only lasted … Continue reading

Day 7 – A little dose of reality

Today we had to spend the morning catching up on real world things. I had a few hours of work and John had some homework. Then I had an online meeting that lasted a few hours. The meeting was difficult because there were many who have been quarantined for months and needed some human interaction. … Continue reading

Day 6 – I Ain’t Sayin’ She a Gold Digger

Today we took on a whole new challenge- Be gold diggers. But not really. We went sapphire hunting! It took about two hours to drive up a steep and winding 30 mile road. The scenery along the way was fantastic. The sapphire mine was fun for something that forced all of us to sit and … Continue reading

Day 5 – Woods in the Woods

Today is best told in pictures. We spent most of the day hiking around Lake Como with some of the Wood family. We went all the way to the beautiful waterfalls on the other side. We took a lot of pictures around the waterfalls. At the end of the day , we took another walk … Continue reading

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