Daring Greatly

Brock here, we figured it was time to give an update on what has been happening with us over the past year.

In Sept of 2020 we sold our home, packed up our family and moved accross the country to a place we new little about.


It was time.

I heard someone say that Covid pushed many people 5 years into the future. For us, this was true. We knew that once John reached the point that he was able to get us lifetime flight benefits, then we would lock it in and he would retire from the airline. With Covid, this time came earlier than expected.

John has a dream of opening a wine and travel themed business, but we knew we needed to be on the east coast for some of the plans to work. We wrote down all the things we really wanted in our dream place, and Asheville checked the most boxes. Plus, I could be closer to the school in Turks and Caicos if I was in the South.

What happened next?

When we arrived we were still in the middle of the pandemic. We didn’t know what we were doing, so we kept moving forward. Somehow we were lead to many wonderful people who offered great advice and helped us get the business planned. We were able to find funding and find the right people to help us eventually run it. But, there has been one major problem, we couldn’t find a place to put it. The pandemic did not slow tourism here. It has continued to grow exponentially, drawing lots of people, businesses and money to the area. As soon as we found a place, some other business with more money snatched it up. We struggled, we had major challenges and there were many times we didn’t know how we would continue.

But, that is ok. The struggle led us to be better.

We decided that we love Asheville too much to not stick around. We will continue to wait until we find the perfect location for the business. We also decided to put down roots and buy a house (still looking). And, while we decided to wait a bit for John to fulfill his dream, big things happened for us. We both found jobs that we love.

While I am still keeping my position as Provost at the University in Turks and Caicos, I found another job that I love even more. Some people took a big chance on me and I recently acquired a job as the manager of Patrons at the Wortham Center for the Arts in downtown Asheville. Asheville has become famous for its live music scene, with dozens of venues within a few mile radius. I was lucky enough to land a job at the Center for the Arts in downtown Asheville, with three theaters inside of it. We are getting ready to announce an amazing year with over 60 shows/concerts. I am loving it there and Olivia loves to come to work with me, she gets to see shows, and meet many performers from around the world.

What about John?

He was given an equally amazing opportunity. He now has a job as the manager of the Great Hall and Sunset Terrace at the Iconic Grove Park Inn. A place made famous by its endless run of famous guests who have stayed there since the beginning. With restaurants and rooms named after many of these famous guests, including; the Vanderbilts, Houdini, Edison, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and many Presidents. Every night, hundreds of people fill the great hall for the entertainment, and sit on the terrace to take in the view. John gets to walk around and greet them all. It is right up his alley.

Whats next? We don’t know. We love our jobs, and will continue with them. If a space opens up for the business, then chances are we will jump on it. Until then, we will continue to learn, grow and wait to see what else is in store for us. In the meantime, we love this beautiful area, and are thankful to be given the chance to be a part of it.

One Response to “Daring Greatly”
  1. Pat Knight says:

    So happy you all have found your happiness and are where you want to be! Sounds like for now your “dreams” are just in a different form and are maybe meant to be. Sorry I missed all of you when you were here to visit but didn’t want to risk catching a bug and then passing it on to our elderly friends. Next time!!! And enjoy!!!

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