Day 20 – A Bad Case of the Glamp

Tomorrow is Olivia’s Birthday!

As always, we made big plans for it.

We started down the coast towards her surprise, and found many adventures along the way.

We took the scenic route through the “Avenue of Giants,” a 30 mile road through the redwoods. They were majestic and reverential.

We stopped at a gift shop to pick up a few things for the girl’s birthday. Luckily, she wanted to stay in the car while we ran in. When we got back, we found this. . .

This is very much her personality. She was actually hiding under Toby’s bed. LOL!

After a relaxing lunch in Miranda, CA, we started back down the freeway and quickly discovered the beginnings of the Highway 1. It was not what we expected and nothing like the other parts of the highway that we are used too. It took us on many a winding and gut-twisting turns up and down mountains. The speed would range from 10 to 50 mph and the temperature kept going up and down from 50 to 90 degrees. The views were spectacular, but I think all of us were a little car sick by the time we turned a corner and wham; there was the ocean.

The rest of the drive was beautiful in true highway 1 style until we got to Mendicino, Olivia’s surprise. A big glamping tent!

I think Toby loved it most of all.

We had a lovely night enjoying the outdoors and hanging by the fire.

  • Daddy Brock check-in
    • Rose: Heated blankets and the sound of the ocean.
    • Thorn: Neighbors playing the worlds most complex game. Gave me a headache just listening to the instructions.
  • Daddy John check-in
    • Rose: Cruising Avenue of the Giants
    • Thorn: The waist of my favorite shorts is shrinking!
  • Olivia check-in
    • Rose: Playing with fire
    • Thorn: Smoke in my eyes
  • Toby check-in
    • Rose: A bed to myself (with my own pillow)
    • Thorn: I was framed! I did not make her leave the car.
2 Responses to “Day 20 – A Bad Case of the Glamp”
  1. Pat Knight says:

    OMG! Ok, you are definitely planning my itinerary for a road trip!!! Happy BIRTHDAY to miss Olivia!

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