Our last day in Montana was relaxing and wonderful.

We spent most of the day doing the things that we love to do when we are camping and it is rainy ; hanging out, talking, and playing games. Olivia was able to do some fishing this morning, although she only lasted about 10 minutes before she gave up.

Toby has been as happy as I have seen him in years.

John and Olivia tried to ride a cousin’s one-wheel, it went alright. I don’t go near any mode of transportation that relies on balance after an unfortunate accident involving a Segway and a vineyard.

It is sad to go. We have really enjoyed the people and the beauty of this amazing place. Thank you Mark and Carol for making this week unforgettable!

We have always been blessed in friendship, and we are even more blessed that some of these friends are also our neighbors. They have been taking great care of our house. I received two text messages within 10 minutes of each other from two different neighbors who wanted to show me that one of my sunflowers was blooming. How nice is that?

Let’s Check In on Everyone

  • Daddy Brock check-in:
    • Rose: We found a few big sapphires
    • Thorn: Sooooo cold tonight
  • Daddy John check-in
    • Rose: Games and puzzles with friends and family
    • Thorn: Cold and rainy
  • Olivia check-in
    • Rose: Riding the one-wheel
    • Thorn: Not catching a fish
  • Toby Check-in
    • Rose: Dads got me a new Hedgehog toy (my favorite)
    • Thorn: It only lasted a few minutes