Day 6 – I Ain’t Sayin’ She a Gold Digger

Today we took on a whole new challenge- Be gold diggers. But not really. We went sapphire hunting!

It took about two hours to drive up a steep and winding 30 mile road. The scenery along the way was fantastic.

The sapphire mine was fun for something that forced all of us to sit and concentrate for two hours straight. We each bought a bucket of dirt/rocks from the Saphire Mountain. Then we slowly sifted through it using water and tweezers. The best part; you get to keep whatever you find! All in all We did pretty good. It was so much fun, we brought two more buckets home to sift through over the next few days.

This morning, while getting ready, I broke my belt buckle. And, the pants I wore were too big (hence I needed the belt). We were in a hurry and I thought, it will be fine. It was not fine. Trying to hold a heavy tray over a tub of water requires two hands. That leaves you few options for pulling up falling pants. So, I would try to spread my legs out and squat a bit to keep them from falling. But nope, they kept coming on down. So there I was, squatting near the water with my pants falling down. I’m sure I put on a bizarre show for many.

After mining, we headed over to the quaint town of Phillipsburg. There we went to a huge candy store. Olivia had a blast picking out her candy.

We ate dinner inside a small cafe while we were there. This was the first time we have eaten inside a restaurant since March. We decided to try their specialty appetizer; deep fried cheese curds. John and a I got their veggie burger with mushroom and Swiss cheese, and French fries of course. Oh, are we paying for it. We have not had that much deep fried food in a long time. Our bellies have been groaning ever since. We broke one of our cardinal rules of traveling, don’t eat anything that could upset your belly. YOU GOTTA BE ABLE TO TRUST YOUR TOOTS.

On the ride home we got to see the thunderous Skalkaho falls.

The night finished with the usual relaxing walk around the grounds and some wonderful conversation in the 70 degree air (while the sun did not set until 9:30). Luckily, this is when our rental trailer automatically goes into disco mode.

Let’s Check in With Everyone;

  • Daddy Brock check-in:
    • Rose: Purple Saphire
    • Thorn: Tiny travel trailer bathrooms. I shouldn’t have to shower with my head in a skylight, or pee sitting down with my knees near my chin.
  • Daddy John check-in
    • Rose: Curvy, beautiful drive through the mountains.
    • Thorn: Olivia using the two minutes of hot water we do have before I could take a shower.
  • Olivia check-in
    • Rose: Candy store!
    • Thorn: Dads would not let me eat all of my candy
  • Toby Check-in
    • Rose: I met a deer!
    • Thorn: Deers are fast.
One Response to “Day 6 – I Ain’t Sayin’ She a Gold Digger”
  1. Pat Knight says:

    Sounds like so much fun. Lesson here is always have enough rope to make a belt!

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