We took a while to get up and running today. We spent most of the morning doing work and catching up on emails. I looked up to realize it was time to check out, and we hadn’t packed yet, It was a mad dash throwing everything and everyone together. And, I think I lost my wedding ring in the process, for the third time.

Right as we were about to load up, Olivia announced that she had finally pulled a tooth that has been loose for months. Luckily, her first tooth was lost in Puerto Vallarta, and so she was assigned a Mexican Tooth Fairy, which means she gets paid in pesos. With today’s conversion rate I believe the original 10 pesos is about 46 cents. We can swing that.

When we finally got everything loaded into the car, we moved two feet when we hear “I need to go pee” from the back seat. Ugh!

Back into the hotel we went. After a deja vu of car loading we went across the street to a donut place that Olivia was very excited about, but they were closed. Hungry for a sweet treat, went to another donut place further down the road, and they had just disappeared. The sprit of Coddiwomple led us on a journey around the city to find a donut. Siri needs to keep better track of her donuts in SLC because only one of the eight donut store she mentioned was actually open. Eventually, we did find a donut store that actually existed and actually sold donuts. Olivia got a few donut holes, which she promptly dropped as she fell asleep in the car and the bag fell right in front of Toby. This drove him bonkerballs for the next hour and half. We couldn’t figure out why he was so upset.

The spirit of Coddiwomple left us for a while as it was too cold and rainy to do much. We skipped over the great Salt Lake because it was too cold to swim, even though Olivia has always wanted to float in it. Another time.

So much rain.

By the time we got to Blackfoot, Idaho we were back in the adventuring mood. When I saw I sign for a potato museum I yelled “turn!” There wasn’t nearly as many tater tots as we would have liked, but it was still fun.

We finally made it to Twin Falls. Honestly, we were all pretty tired and cold (even though we did very little). But, we had to get out and see the falls, even if nobody was really excited about it. Somehow, we go lost. We may be the first to do so in Idaho Falls, especially when the falls are so easy to find. But, finding the best picture spot, well that was a challenge. After a while of driving in circles, Toby was crazy excited by the other dogs, Olivia was high on sugar, John was starving and I was dealing with some ridiculous work emails. By the time we got there and herded everyone out of the car and to the walking path, we all were ready to get the photo op over. “Everybody smile so we can take the perfect picture, dammit!”

It turned out to be a lovely area and a good time. We had a nice walk down the river, Olivia and Toby played tag while John and I watched and took in the scene. Eventually it got too cold and we realized we needed food and warmth more than a nice family picture.

After the food and warmth finally set in, the last paper was graded, homework was finished, and emails sent. I looked down at my fortune from the fortune cookie and saw this little jem;

I am working on it fortune cookie guru, I’m working on it.

– Brock

Let’s Check-in with everyone.

  • Daddy Brock check-in:
    • Rose: Olivia singing “what have you done today to make you feel proud” over and over in her best “Miranda” TV show voice. If you haven’t seen it, you should.
    • Thorn: emails, emails, and emails.
  • Daddy John check-in
    • Rose: Pretty drive through Idaho
    • Thorn: Cold, windy, and wet.
  • Olivia check-in
    • Rose: The tooth fairy is coming
    • Thorn: only getting one bag of candy at the candy store in Blackfoot
  • Toby Check-in
    • Rose: Spending two hours smelling the sweet, sweet donuts.
    • Thorn: Not eating said donuts.
  • Chippy Check-in
    • Rose: Dads have been accidentally double dosing me with pain killers, so I’ve been riding high.
    • Thorn: They did it again, they left the water in cage as we travelled and I got wet again.