Day 2: Pleasant surprises

This morning started with one of those rights of passage for all traveling families. We told Olivia to watch Toby and keep him in the room while we packed the car. While loading the car, we turned around to see her standing outside the door, with the door closed. And what of Toby. He was securely locked inside along with our room keys. I had a nice walk in the brisk morning air to the check-in cabin, mumbling obscenities the entire way, while Toby barked constantly in opposition to being left in the room.

Chippy is doing much better. We learned an important lesson about traveling with his water bottle as we rise in elevation – it squirts all the water out and floods his cage. I cleaned out all the wet fluff from his cage and then he spent most of the night redistributing and redecorating what was left. He was very busy and very noisy all night long. In the morning, he was feeling spunky, and exhausted. Great news; his ear is less inflamed.

On the way out of Kanab we had a wonderful take-out breakfast at a local German bakery. As a connoisseur of breakfast burritos, I was actually surprised to get exactly what I ordered – a breakfast burrito from a German bakery. It was like someone took German potato salad and wrapped it in a tortilla. Maybe not my favorite, but glad I tried it.

The car ride started off amazing. I have traveled from Arizona to Salt Lake a dozen times, and this was the first time I had been through Zion’s National park. It was like discovering a thousand dollars in your couch. I never knew something so wonderful was hiding right there. Pictures cannot do it justice.

The crowds at Zion were horrendous. Many trails were closed to try to ward off the crowds, but since much of the park was closed they were letting everyone in for free!

Our hike today was short and sweet, mostly because Toby can’t hike around water. Water is for relaxing, not walking past.

For some reason, driving fast on a flat freeway feels like a much longer day than riding on small roads through the country. Not sure why that is… We spent four hours driving through Utah. Luckily, there was the Creamery to break up the drive (best cheese curds ever!)

We eventually made it to Salt Lake City, UT where we found a great little hotel next to Thanksgiving Point. But, being that it is Utah, everything was closed. Luckily, we had a much better surprise at the hotel. My dear friend Valerie and her adorable daughter came to visit. Seeing Valerie was such a bright light on a rainy afternoon. We are so blessed in friends, and she has been one who has been an important part of our lives during every phase of our family’s journey.

Let’s Check-in with everyone;

  • Daddy Brock check-in:
    • Rose: Valerie!
    • Thorn: Watched the news for the first time in a long long time. What a dark cloud that turned out to be.
  • Daddy John check-in
    • Rose: Cruising through Zion
    • Thorn: Sunday in Utah… Everything fun is closed
  • Olivia check-in
    • Rose: Seeing Valerie
    • Thorn: Having to pee in the bushes. I still have pine needles in my panties.
  • Toby Check-in
    • Rose: Today I discovered the joy of squeaky cheese
    • Thorn: Old-man bones
  • Chippy Check-in
    • Rose: They finally left me alone for a while
    • Thorn: These morons need to learn the basic science of elevation and air expansion.
2 Responses to “Day 2: Pleasant surprises”
  1. Pat Knight says:

    So glad you enjoyed Zion. You should see it when a dusting of snow is on everything! We go to my brothers in South Jordan a lot but don’t recall seeing the Creamery – what town is it in?

    • Joun says:

      We loved Zion! I’m not a super big fan of the cold but I’d love to drive through after a good snow just to see how the landscape changes. It is definitely a must see.
      The Creamery is in Beaver, UT. Here’s the address 165 S 500 W Beaver, UT 84713 United States
      We didn’t spend a whole bunch of time there other than to grab some cheese curds and bio break. They have a large ice cream restaurant too, but there were so many people in that part of the building waiting to buy ice cream and hardly any observing social distancing or wearing any masks… despite the signs asking for safety measures to be followed (which we do). We, instead, kept to the very quiet “market,” paid and left.

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